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                                         Jonathon's Secret Love


   Your book interrupted my normal system of reading, which is to read 1 or 2 chapters per day. So computing the time for your book would translate into 15 to 20 days. 
     I finished your book last night in 6 days. What was the reason for that difference? 
     There was: INTRIGUE, SUSPENSE, FASCINATION, and you pushed character issues of hate- distrust, & love-trust to a high level. One finds oneself getting to know the players personally, in a way that favors first one then the other. This continues to such a degree that suspense builds as to the outcome. It leads to relief and satisfaction for all players with a dynamic ending.
     Your book could actually be great on the movie screen. The right Actors could make it downright fantastic. 

     It's a great read!


John E. 


      Reviews for "Surviving the Single Dad Syndrome"


Be Forewarned

             Single Dads, be forewarned, once the wisdom of the words found within the enclosed pages becomes known, you may not be able to find this book on the shelves of any book store.   

            To all others, let not the title fool you, nor the introduction dissuade you from reading this intriguing, thought provoking masterpiece.  There are lessons learned from life’s experiences mentioned within these pages.  Each experience is told with amazing insight regarding the effect each incident may or may not have on all persons involved, either directly or indirectly.  It makes poignantly clear the connection and impact all of us have on other people’s lives.

            This is not a book to be taken lightly, though it has some wonderfully humorous moments.   Read the messages within with an open mind.  Take from this book, only what you as an individual need in your personal journey, and apply it to your life as you see fit.  What ever you do, don’t let this opportunity to know yourself and your loved ones just a little better, pass you by.  There is something within for everyone. 



  The Single Dad's Survival Guide

  Author: Kevin James

  Publish America

            Author Kevin James wrote a Self-help, pins pointed, book, entitled "The Single Dad's Survival Guide."  The title alone prompts any genre to open its pages and read the content.  Flowing opinions for the recently found single to the whole nine-yard stretch concerning children. 

             I personally found the book to hold many truths stemming around breakups to the sometime forgotten about little people(children), whose heart's also break going through separation from a parent.  The war of words, as I will call it, coming from, Ex's toward each other.  The motivational factor two wrong’s never make a right.  Attitudes flare, but someone has to believe they’re right.  Misunderstandings taken to points held in no win "Tug of war." The flowing course, suggestion wise, simple but practical things a single parent may need to care for children. 

             In reality there are no simple solutions.   Kevin James, makes it appoint to let others’ minds thinks for themselves. His experiences in life hold value, as to with, they may help another struggling to cope with an everyday cycle "The Ex Syndrome."  The truth, love showered on children only brings back the greatest joy for the proud parent(s).  I agree one-hundred percent with Mr. James the children are what matters most in life.  Without their love, we as parents live the shallow tilt of a no feeling world.  Hurt and survival comes without a barrier in sex.

         Mr. James, thank you, for allowing me to read your book “The Single Dad’s Survival Guide.”  The whit and charm I found within the pages were something I never expected.  Page by page it was reliving a part or parts of life that many of us try to forget.  Married or single, you brought forth a light to the sometimes darkest of areas (our lives).  This book in my eyes is a must read for both men and women.

 Stinger Bee 1T

Author of:

Ambrosia's Intimate Sanctuary Light to Dark

Interpretations Beaded Jewel


 Antonia Bennett

Author of:

Misery's Chalice


This is a book that is enjoyable to read just as a book, as well as one that is gently and humorously instructive . James says that it was written for men, and that women might enjoy finding out what men think. However, while that line certainly drew me into the book, I wound up just *thinking* about James' overall approach.

James is a problem-solver, and he has taken the ideal child's experience as the goal. He then anecdotally conveys the delight of being with children, and then takes care to list how best to do these types of things, in the briefest lists of ideas possible. He assumes that the committed do-er of these objectives will also grow, as he has done, to make the best parent-child experience a valuable experience.

He is able to pack an enormous amount of information in a very small number of pages. There is more across-the-board useful information in this book than in most. One delightful part about the book is that the lists are obviously culled from the best of the best ideas that have been shared with him. James writes very openly, he listens well, and shares the best, kid-approved ideas. He includes tips on what goes over well with kids, what are time-savers, and what promotes kid-independence without forgetting the bonding between father and child.

He has not forgotten to tell his fellow single fathers that they must also have a passion for what delights *them* and how to make brownie points with the ex! Many processes that have worked for him are shared, with no holding back. This is a very honest book.

Very useful, and not only a keeper, but one to share, and share again!

Nancy S. Cheung


 I was able to read a pre-release of this book. IT IS AN AWESOME BOOK, full of GREAT tips and stories about surviving the stressful life of being a single parent. Even though it is written from the standpoint of a single male single mothers will definitely enjoy the book :-)

Dalamar "Dal"


 In his book, Kevin James throws in a little something for everyone to relate to. It is a book that makes a person think. Another good thing is that it comes from the mind of a man. I have read so many books and articles, usually written by women, on how to raise your kids, that it is refreshing to read one by a male. His book is enthralling- from playing games with his kids to cooking with them, even the boys! I loved every minute of it and I am sure others will too. His next one will be just as interesting, I am sure.

 Lila L.Pinord

Author: "Min's Monster", "Skye Dancer" and "Evil Lives in Blue Rock"



                             "Angel: Camden's Journey"

Just finished reading the first two of Kevin McArthur's "Angel" series. Gotta say my friend is a great story teller and writer. I am so impressed! A potpourri of emotions woven into a spiritual fantasy. Can't wait to get the next one. Way to go Kevin. ~ Tom S. ~California


This book is a great read for anyone that likes action and adventure with a little bit of good in it. This is the ultimate good vs evil book. It is well written and I had a hard time putting it down. The characters in this series you will come to know and love. In a world where fantasy has been dominated by sparkly vampires and kids dabbling in witchcraft this is a welcome relief. _J. Garlock 



     I just finished reading Devastation, all I can say is WOW!!!! I read the prologue and first chapter and was sucked right into the story. This on its own is a sign its a good book. The last book i can remember reading aside from tech manuals was back in high school and that was only for a grade. the way the scenery and characters were described was perfect, detailed but still left enough to let you imagine what the area or person looked or sounded like. I found myself reading and getting anxious to find out what happens next or what cause such devastation.  I also found myself wondering what it would be like to be in that situation. I even found myself at times playing the "what if" game on my drive home from work. what if, a big wind came while I was driving, what would i do? 

     When i got to the end of the book I found myself not wanting the journey to be over! I also found myself excited that the 2 main characters found everything they were looking for in life. I even found myself get a little teary eyed near the end. This book not only sparked my imagination to a higher level but also made me realize what is truly "worth it" in life and where to find genuine happiness. I have come to realize from this book that happiness doesn't come from material objects but from the people in your life.

Brad "wags" >>Ogden, Utah.


                        Angel: Camden's Awakening

 This second book is much better than the first. In the first book it was more about the coming of age that Camden went through after leaving home. This book shows how much he grows under the tutelage of Dove. Dove is a wonderful, caring, patient and wise person. It is no wonder Angel likes her so much. This book also introduces you to the character that steals the book, Keira. She has easily become my favorite fiction character. Oh and enjoy Tornado Joe, I could spend years in Dove's basement. This book does not really require you to read the first one, but it helps a bit to understand more about different plot lines. It is not hard for anyone to see in their minds eye the woods where Dove's cabin is. The author does a great job of explaining the landscape without boring you with details about clouds and other lame stuff like I have seen in other books. The author knows how to set a stage giving you enough details to see things the way he does, but leaves enough to the imagination to let you see it your way. 

There better be another book showing up soon. Naomi deserves it!

~J. Garlock