Writings of Kevin McArthur



Kevin James McArthur was born in Harbor Beach, Michigan and moved to Aurora, Ohio at 11 years old.

 Shortly after graduating from Aurora High School he moved west to Utah. Being born with a restless spirit, he's lived in Colorado, Florida, Idaho and Nevada. He currently resides near the Oregon Coast.

 His writing career began in 2003. After dabbling in writing for amusement and hadn't considered writing a book until "Surviving the Single Dad's Syndrome."



 A friend approached him regarding a young man whose wife had recently left him with two young children. She had been researching books to help him as a single dad and found little available. She knew he was a single father, and that he enjoyed writing. She asked if he would consider writing a book for single fathers.

 “Of course not!” He told her, yet while working through the day, the idea nagged him. That evening he wrote the first chapter of “Surviving the Single Dad Syndrome” which was published by Publish America in August of 2004.

 Kevin considers himself fortunate to have found an outlet in writing. Unlike many, he doesn't labor over content, rather, when inspired he writes as quickly as he can type.

The first book, "Surviving the Single Dad Syndrome" is a non-fiction book about his experience as a single dad. During the publishing process, he made author friends who encouraged him to try fiction. After some chastising, (he told them all fiction writers were liars!) Kevin decided to give it a try and is grateful he followed the advice. His mind is often in a "fantasy" world, so much so, others find communication difficult. 

 Through it all, Kevin is grateful for family and friends. Without their encouragement writing would not be possible.

  Please peruse chapters of the books included on following pages, and please, let Kevin know your thoughts! He appreciates good criticism.